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LiN dats my name!

+ Name: Lin Lee
+ DoB: 24/4/88
+ Nationality: ABC
+ Likes: food, sleep, games, frens
+ Dislikes: Annoying people
+ Wishlist: More Rilakkuma and Korillakuma soft toys

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+ PoeMs +
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
7:31 pm

Hey guys, i've decided to make a new additional section to my blog..that contains some heart felt poems I wrote..so if you wanna go look at it..theres a link on the side called LiN's poems!! The page is still to be edited with html to look pretty and nice..but i'l do that 2nite afta all my hw...so go take a look and enjoy..

catcha all later

*- - - - - - - - LiN rilakkuma LiN- - - - - - - -*

+ RiLaKKuma!!!! +
Monday, July 28, 2008
7:46 pm

hey peeps!!! i'll start by saying that metros was reliiii fun on sat!! for those of u who went!! hahas and thx to all of u who bought me drinks =D n thx to amy!! for driving us there!!! wooo so fun!! n mcs afta =D lols..n breaking out of stefs house hahahahas...heres a pic of us at metros

lols and heress wat i came to upload!! i changed my bedsheets hahaha to my new pink rilakkuma ones =p so heres a picture of my bedd!! n my couch full of toys!!

lol theres toys under toys in this photo!! but too hard to arrange them so u can see them all so ye!!!..also had my first day of uni todai!! so much hw already =( so much to do every week!! but thats all to say..watching tv right now =p hahas

*- - - - - - - - LiN rilakkuma LiN- - - - - - - -*

+ sLeeP n Dota?? +
Sunday, July 20, 2008
1:51 am

lols i updated my blog layout!! felt like a change!! but still keeping on the rilakkuma theme...which i have so much more of them now!! shd take a new pic one day..but too lazy to arrange all of them!! hahas..maybe i'l just take a pic of my bed n couch one day to show u guys da new collection =p..hahas...

anyways...lets see..i seem to be sleeping alot more nowadays..not sure why..but i wake up..eat food..play comp abit..go for afternoon nap..then wake up n off i go again..i seem to be sleeping more then i'm awake =S...surely this aint healthy for me >.< maybe i should start running on da treadmill or something..lols..

alsooo i'm starting to get bak into dota again..as long as nobody swears at me for being soo noob...then im happy to keep running arnd and keep dying >.<>.< arhhh i'm so n00by..sorri to those of u who have me on ur team and have to put up with my n00bness!!!

oh yeh i've been playing the wii game kungfu panda..its onli ok..i got frustrated at it tho..wen the wii remote wouldn't pick up all my actions..then i kept dying bcos of that..o_O gotta find something to do!! gotta keep myself awake so i won't think about sleeping!! hahas

i also gotta find something interesting to talk about in this blog!! its so like boring n dead n wateva =S hahahas...someone give me a random topic to blab on about =S okies tats all baiz all!

*- - - - - - - - LiN rilakkuma LiN- - - - - - - -*

+ HoLidaY FuN~~~ +
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
2:45 pm

hey hey everyone..i aven't blogged in AGESS!!! but suddenly i feel like writing something hahas..not sure if anyone still even opens up my blog page..but ye...welll lets see!! where to start!!! i'll give u a brief run down of wat appened everywhere =p

my holiday overseas was SOOOOOOOOO fun!!! it was awesomee!!! macau was the same old same old..visit my dad..visit da casinos and eat heaps of yummy yummy fill your tummy food =p then like usual go over the border to HK and china and do LOTS of shopping!! so much that after the first 2 days overseas my suitcase was already exploding!!! heres a pic of some duck that we ate at the peking duck restaurent in HK..mMMmMm don't drool at ur computers =D

Oh YEeE..i changed my hairstyle as well!!! in china i went to this hair salon my dad always goes to..and i got my hair cut by mei mei..i didn't kno wat i wanted to do with my hair..so i just told her that i wanted a change..and i dont care wat she does as long as its nice!!..at first she wanted to give me a REALLY FOB hair style...where she will leave all the bottom layers long..and the top layers shot..so it will look like i have a wig on top of my hair..she said its the new azn in thing but i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO...then she decided wat abt if i perm my hair...so i was like hmmmmmmm ok...also cheaper then getting it done in aus!! so y not...heres a pic of me b4 n afta =p

newaysssss then likeee after all the shopping and excitement i went to KL for four days!! where i bought 6 pairs of shoes!!!! haha well i think it was 6.. o_O mite ave been more!! can't rmb!! shopped at sungeiwang~ visited my gu paw (dunno how to spell it)...n then we also saw the new shopping centre!! called pavilion!! the inside is sooo nice =p...heres a picture for u to gaze at!

then like..went to singapore!! where all the fun could realliiii start!!!..first day i got there..i just relaxed abit..ate chicken rice down the road frm my apartment..then the next day went shopping n for a family dinner with all my cousins and uncles and aunties etc..thennn~~~ afta dinna!!! went to check out the singapore bars with my cousin and alsoooo keane n japa!!..we went to the kennery?? at clark quay?? dave picked us up..where 4 of us squished in the backseat as dave also brought along his fren ivan..we went to clinic and tried these reli kewl syringe shots lols..they tasted reli fruity n nice =p...

lol then..yeh other days just went shopping with my family and also with keane n japa!! we also went to watch movies and to the nite safari and out for supper many nites at geyland!! lols..i watched WANTED already!! its reli reli good =p not even out yet in perth!! hahas...n i also watched Hellboy 2..which is onli ok..cd be better..still got so many movies i wanna watch...

lols i also went to zouk for mambo nite!! free entry for girls!! also buy one drink get one free b4 12 =D that was pretty fun...clubs in sg so much better then perth!!..i even made frens with these 2 singaporean girls..zoe and mei!! zoe was helping me take photos..so i started talking to her and danced with her n her frens!! their pretty kewl and reali reali nice =D i look forward to seeing them next time im in singapore!! zoe can't w8 till i come bak so we can go clubbing again!!

also keane and japa are such great frens =D...so sad that keane's going to be in sg for 2 yrs!! gonna miss hanging out with him at bbt every fri nite and listening to his fave craig david songs!! hahas will also miss him bullying me all the time too =p but we will always b frens 4 life =D

then sadly i left sg sat morning..to find everyone telling me to goto metros!! but i was so tired and exhausted by all the fun that happened in singapore..going out everyday with my wicked frens that i was too dead to go out again!..so much commotion happened wen i got bak to perth that i felt so exhausted!! howeverrrr it was stefs bday on monday!! so we all went for dinner and to stefs house to party it up n get wasted =D...i even managed to keep stefs house tidy while i was wasted!! hahas..

theres so many more pics that i can upload..and so many stories that i can tell u guys..but not much time!! as i have to goto ASIA dance practice soon =p..so if u wanna see more pics go visit my facebook albums =p and if u wanna hear more stories just ask me ^^

OvEr nnn OuT~~~~

*- - - - - - - - LiN rilakkuma LiN- - - - - - - -*

+ HeY PeePz +
Thursday, June 14, 2007
1:50 am

yo ppls..i aven't blogged in ages..and thus its late at nite and i feel like bloggin...so lets see wat to write..exams arhhhhhhhhhhhhh...lols 2 down 2 to go..2 hardest have past =) yay...now i hope that the next 2 will be ezier =S cos i kno i stfed up some things in my exam =S but yeee...hmm wat else..everyone better go clubbing afta exams!! we shd all go party hard!! lolz oh yeh..i was going to put up some pictures from quiz nite =S so heres u go =p enjoy... i went as an evil angel =p..it was better then last year =p quite fun wit diff games and stf =p...u guys shd all come next yr and find out =S i dont reli kno wat else to talk about now so i'l just put up pics

Commitee Photo~~ + random guy at the bak who came in our photo -_-

Me and Lisa

Me killing Brendan

Me and Arnina

hmmms wat else shall i post..lols..good luck for exams everyone!!! and dont stress out tooo much!!! =p i'l post more another day wen i think of more things to post about lolz >.<

*- - - - - - - - LiN rilakkuma LiN- - - - - - - -*